Create stunning information applications your business users will want to use

If you're responsible for creating interactive dashboards and information applications that are used by others in your organization to run the business, are you battling aggressive deadlines as you juggle complex requirements, multiple data sources and ever-increasing data volumes?


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Creating information applications and interactive dashboards that answer multiple business questions can be difficult and time-consuming, requiring specialist technical skills.

How DecisionPoint helps:

DecisionPoint offers a much faster, easier way of creating stunning information applications, without coding, using skills you already have in your team to provide answers to the questions that really matter to your business.


Three simple steps to information heaven

Connect to any amount of data

Work directly against your existing data sources. No need to change your data structures or shoehorn your data into a proprietary database. Merge data from multiple sources to pull together the big picture. Refresh data in real-time or against a schedule. Balance snappy response times with very large data volumes and a tiny server footprint, a highly-scalable platform and a low total cost of ownership, meaning happy business users. It is that simple.

Create sophisticated information apps and dashboards in minutes without coding

Layout your information app or interactive dashboard exactly how you want. Select from over 50 components, then point-and-click to choose the data to display. Create sophisticated interfaces that answer multiple questions by adding custom columns, color-coded alerts, dynamic filters, sorts, drill, multiple views and custom workflows. Apply your own brand using a custom theme. Collaborate with business users as you design to ensure you create the information they really need.

Share dashboards and information apps securely to mobile and desktop devices

Publish dashboards securely to the DecisionPointTM Server so business users can access them on mobile devices and the desktop without training. Integrate with your existing security system. Embed dashboards in websites and portals. View dashboards offline with no loss of functionality. Enjoy quick response times even over slow mobile networks.

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