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Use DecisionPointTM Designer to create and publish dashboards against Excel, CSV and Salesforce.com datasets of up to 10,000 rows.

Designer & Server

Add DecisionPointTM Server to work against larger data volumes, connect to corporate data sources and to share content securely.
Connect to any amount of data
  • Designer
  • +Server

Connect to Excel data

Connect to text data files (e.g. CSV)

Connect to Salesforce.com data

Connect to Sage Live data

Connect to SQL databases

Connect to OLAP data cubes

Connect to SAP BusinessObjects content

Connect to SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

Connect to other Cloud data sources

Merge multiple data sources

Refresh dashboard on-demand

Schedule data set refresh

Connect to any amount of data

Cache data sets on server for performance

Take advantage of the full power of Big Data databases

Generate queries dynamically to delegate drill and filtering to database with very large data sets

Add metadata, including drill paths and display formats

Create custom columns on the server using expressions created from a raft of math, date and text functions to share across dashboards

Share data sets and metadata across dashboards

Create information apps & dashboards in minutes without coding
  • Designer
  • +Server

Adding charts to your dashboard

Create an unlimited number of dashboards

Create dashboards without coding

Free-form dashboard layout

50+ components including grids, graphs, maps, filter controls, data input controls, shapes, images, push buttons, etc.

Point-and-click mapping of data to display components

Add multiple data sets to the same dashboard

"Aggregate aware" components automatically summarize data at correct level of detail

Create custom columns using expressions created from a raft of math, date and text functions

Create custom calculations across multiple data sets

Create dynamic lables using expressions to aid understanding

Apply color-coded alerts to grids, graphs and maps

Provide drill-down out-of-the-box

Allow users to filter data on the fly using filter bars, drill bars, radio buttons, list boxes, tab bars and tree control

Add multiple pages, views and dialogs to a dashboard

Use point-and-click behaviors to define custom workflows

Link sliders and data input controls to expressions to support "what-if" style analysis

Embed external content and create URLs dynamically using expressions

Enable write-back to the database to support simple form-filling

Use out-of-the-box themes to customize the dashboards look and feel

Create custom themes to implement your corporate brand

Use LivePreviewTM to ensure dashboards looks great across desktop browsers and mobile devices at design time

Use LivePreviewTM to collaborate with business users and capture and implement their feedback immediately at design time

Integration with CMaps Analytics to provide powerful mapping visualizations

Export to Excel

Link from one dashboard to another and pass parameters to retain context

Share information securely to mobile devices and the desktop
  • Designer
  • +Server

Provide business users with dashboards they can use without training

Provide business users with dashboards that answer multiple business questions

Share dashboards with unlimited numbers of people by email

Publish dashboards securely to the DecisionPointTM Server

Embed dashboards in websites and portals (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint)

View dashboards using a web browser

View dashboards using a native iPad App

View dashboards using a native Android Tablet App

View dashboards using a native Windows App

View dashboards offline with no loss of functionality

Take multiple dashboards offline with one click

Minimize server round-tripping to deliver snappy response times even on slow mobile networks

Remember filter settings the next time a business user revisits a dashboard

Customize look and feel of mobile app and web portal to match your brand

Manage users and permissions through the DecisionPointTM Server

Integrate with existing authentication systems (e.g. LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory)

Provide separate development, test and live environments to support lifecycle management

Audit usage of dashboards


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