Squeeze more value from your SAP® BusinessObjects data

The Challenge

Without the right information it's hard to make sense of a changing business landscape

Supporting Content

SAP® Dashboards (aka Xcelsius) has reached the end of the road

You probably used SAP® Dashboards (aka Xcelsius) to adapt to changing business needs in the past, but with the demise of Flash the writing is on the wall for SAP® Dashboards. Do you find that SAP®'s new tools just don't cut it when it comes to delivering information in a format your non-technical business users understand?

SAP® Design Studio is for developers

SAP® Design Studio is more of a developer's tool. Do you have the development skills in your team to get the most from Design Studio? Is Design Studio development quick enough to enable you to keep pace with changing business needs?.

SAP® BusinessObjects Lumira is for analysts

SAP® Lumira is a great tool for the analysts in your organization. But, do you find that the storyboards Lumira produces don't cut it for your non-technical users? Do storyboards lack the flexibility and richness of the models you used to create with SAP® Dashboards?



The Solution

DecisionPointlets you use your existing skills to deliver the information non-technical business users need, fast

Create information apps quickly in response to changing business needs

To keep pace with a changing business world, DecisionPointoffers a much faster, easier way of creating and maintaining stunning information apps without coding, using skills you already have in your team. Use the trusted data from your WebIntelligence® documents and Crystal Reports® and present it in new and exciting ways that fits the way your business people think and provides answers to the questions that really matter to your business.

See the big picture by combining data from SAP® BusinessObjects and beyond

To exploit the growing number of available data sources, both on premise and in the cloud, DecisionPointenables you to merge your SAP® BusinessObjects data with other data sources - with or without a data warehouse - to create a consolidated view of your business, so decision-makers always have all the information they need available in their information app.

Empower your entire workforce with fingertip access to information

To help your business deliver exceptional performance, DecisionPointenables you to get information into the hands of the people that need it in the form of an information app that requires no training to use. Field workers like your sales team can access apps from their mobile devices when they're on the go, and even when they are offline. Front-line workers in your warehouse or on the factory floor can view key metrics on wall-mounted displays, ensuring everyone has their finger on the pulse and is focused on driving the business forward.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Connect to your SAP® BusinessObjects data (XI3 and BI4.1) and merge data from other sources
  • Create sophisticated information apps in minutes without coding
  • Share information apps securely to mobile devices and the desktops
  • View fully functional apps offline

The Takeaway

Harnessing the flexibility of DecisionPointto your SAP® BusinessObjects data will enable you to adapt quickly to new challenges facing your business, ensuring you always have the right information to hand - from wherever it's sourced - so people across your organization can make informed decisions that will help your organization thrive in the face of uncertain market conditions.

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