Mobile business intelligence

The Challenge

Today's decision-makers expect their business information to be available on their mobile devices whenever they need it, in a form that is as easy to use as the apps they know and love. But, with many business intelligence (BI) tools, delivering information to mobile devices is fraught with challenges:

Multiple devices means longer projects: Many BI tools promise "design once, deploy anywhere" flexibility, but the fact is, even using HTML5, there are nuances between browsers and devices which means you have to test on every device and every browser you intend to support. This invariably means you become very familiar with the time-consuming "design-publish-preview" loop, where you have to design, publish and then test on every device. And, should you spot a problem on one device, you have to tweak your design and go through the whole process, on every device again, and again, and again...

Dreadfully slow performance on mobile devices: Many BI tools work like web-sites, where all processing takes place on the server and the business user's device is largely limited to displaying results. Here, every interaction with the dashboard requires a round-trip back to the server to fetch more data. In the mobile world where users often encounter slow networks with high latency, this means glacial response times and a disjointed, frustrating experience.

Limited or no offline access: With front-line workers and executives often needing access to information when they're on the go and where you can't guarantee network availability, they need offline access to their information. However, with many tools, this capability is either not available, or requires business users to second-guess the parts of their dashboard they will want to view offline by bookmarking them in advance. This is crazy when offline access is such a crucial part of mobile BI usability.

The Solution

Mobile business intelligence has evolved from being a nice-to-have to a must-have for most businesses today. With the global workforce becoming more and more mobile and business moving faster than ever, it is crucial that people can take their KPIs and latest business information with them when they're on the go. To deliver all-important mobile BI to your organization's front-line, you need a modern tool that's built, and not bent, for mobile.
Create Stunning Apps Without Coding

The no-coding designer makes it incredibly fast and easy to create sophisticated information apps and interactive dashboards that fit the way modern business users work and think ... without needing to rely on expensive developers.

Share Apps and Dashboards on Mobile & Desktop

With DecisionPoint, you can share information on desktop and mobile devices to ensure business users have all the information they need to guide their daily activities and make effective data-driven decisions. Whether you are looking to deliver interactive dashboards, reports or information applications, all your business users' needs are covered in one tool, minimizing total cost of ownership whilst maximizing adoption.

Use Offline
Ensure Business Users Have Online and Offline Access

Through the native Windows, iPad and Android apps, you can access information apps however bad or non-existent your internet connection is, without loss of functionality. With a simple click, you can sync and take multiple apps offline to make sure users don't waste valuable time waiting for apps to load over slow or non-existent networks. This ensures business users have constant access to the information they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Connect and merge data from different sources, e.g. spreadsheets, finance systems, budgeting systems, SAP BW, etc.
  • Create stunning information apps without coding
  • Deliver to mobile devices (and desktop browsers), use online of offline
  • Schedule refresh of your data to make sure people always see the most recent numbers
  • Ensure everyone sees the big picture so he or she can make the correct decisions for your business

The Takeaway

DecisionPoint helps you quickly create the type of modern interactive reports, dashboards, and information applications that today's businesss user needs to get answers to critical business questions when they are online or offline.

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