Squeeze more value out of your Salesforce® data

Share information in a way that matches the way your business works

The Challenge

Salesforce® is the world's leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution and it is a great place to capture sales activity and to manage your sales funnel. Yet, when it comes to reporting and providing company-wide insight into the sales process, Salesforce® leaves a lot to be desired.
Supporting Content
Out of the box, Salesforce® offers basic, tabular reports and static dashboards. Both are old-fashioned, lack interactivity and don't cut it in the modern world. To get the most from your investment in Salesforce®, you need a more flexible, agile and interactive way to visualize your data, so you can:

See the big picture - Salesforce® reports allow you to see data that spans 2-3 entities at most. So, if you need to report across several entities, merge data from other Force.com applications or pull in data from other systems to get a complete view of your business, you will need to look elsewhere.

View information the way you want - if you need more interactivity so you can implement workflows that fit the way your business users work and think or if you want to present your information in the way that best fits your business processes, you will need to look elsewhere.

Provide additional business insight - if you want to calculate key performance indicators, weighted averages and other custom calculations, or if you want to display color-coded alerts to draw your business users' attention to areas of good or bad performance, you will need to look elsewhere.

Report across leads and contacts - Salesforce® creates a distinction between leads and contacts and if you want to produce a single report that spans the two, you will need to look elsewhere.



The Solution

Connect directly to Salesforce®

DecisionPoint enables you to connect directly to Salesforce®, providing point-and-click access to your data. Select from over 50 components, then drag-and-drop to layout your information app exactly how you like. Create sophisticated information apps that answer multiple questions by adding custom columns, color-coded alerts, dynamic filters, sort, drills, multiple views and dynamic visibility.

See the big picture by combining data from Salesforce® and beyond

To exploit the growing number of available data sources both on premise and in the cloud, DecisionPoint enables you to merge your Salesforce® data with other data sources both on the Force.com platform and beyond to create a consolidated view of your business, so decision-makers always have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Keep Up
Keep up with changing business needs

DecisionPoint apps are easy to change and can be created quickly by non-programmers so you can always keep up with evolving business needs. DecisionPoint supports an agile approach, allowing you to deliver projects in short cycles ensuring business users always work with the latest information.

Support the needs of your remote workers

For remote workers, such as your sales teams, field engineers or depot managers, DecisionPoint offers a seamless mobile experience, providing fully interactive access to information even when people are offline. The industry-leading DecisionPoint mobile app allows business users to take multiple apps offline with a single click so they can answer critical questions wherever they are, whenever they need.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Connect to your Salesforce® data and merge data from other parts of the Force.com platform and beyond
  • Create sophisticated information apps in minutes without coding
  • Share information apps securely to mobile devices and desktops
  • View fully functional apps offline

The Takeaway

Harnessing the flexibility of DecisionPoint to your Salesforce® data will enable you to adapt quickly to new challenges facing your business. By ensuring you always have the right information to hand - from wherever it's sourced - your sales team and other stake holders across your organization can make informed decisions that will help you thrive and outperform your competitors.

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