Simplifying SAP® BW reporting

How to create and deliver rapid business insight from your BW data

The Challenge

As an SAP® customer you rely on BW as your corporate data warehouse to provide you with a consistent, centralized store of all of your business data.
Supporting Content
But how do you unlock the value of all this data to ensure that everyone in your organization has the information they need to make informed decisions that drive action?

It takes too long to access data and create new content: With market conditions changing rapidly, successful organizations are those who can harness the power of their information and adapt quickly. How do you become more agile to deliver new information apps at the speed your business demands?

Existing tools are too complex: Business people want intuitive, information apps that enable them to drill down into their data, filter and switch from one view to another to quickly answer the questions that matter most to them. How do you deliver on these sophisticated requirements without requiring an army of developers?

Remote workers are often poorly served: As well as expecting an interactive and a highly intuitive interface, front-line workers need uninterrupted access to their information when they're on the road. How do you ensure they always have access to crucial business information when they're out and about, even on slow public networks and when they're offline?

The Solution

DecisionPoint can help you exploit your BW data to produce the business information you need fast, share this information across your organization on mobile and the desktop, and enable everyone to get answers to the questions that matter.

Direct connectivity saves time and money

DecisionPoint enables you to connect directly to BW, and BW on HANA, providing point-and-click access to InfoCubes, MultiProviders, DataStore Objects (DSOs) and BEx queries. Select from over 50 components, then drag-and-drop to layout your information app exactly how you like. Create sophisticated information apps that answer multiple questions by adding custom columns, color-coded alerts, dynamic filters, sort, drills, multiple views and dynamic visibility.

Keep Up
Keep up with changing business needs

DecisionPoint apps are easy to change and can be created quickly by non-programmers so you can always keep up with evolving business needs. DecisionPoint supports an agile approach, allowing you to deliver projects in short cycles ensuring business users always work with the latest information.

Balance performance and data volumes

DecisionPoint pushes as much of the data storage and processing as possible down to the client device to minimize network round-tripping and ensure great performance even on slower networks. When working with larger data volumes, DecisionPoint supports drill-through to the BW server without you having to write additional queries, saving you time and enabling your business users to get quick answers to their follow-up questions.

Support the needs of your remote workers

For remote workers, such as your sales teams, field engineers or depot managers, DecisionPoint offers a seamless mobile experience, providing fully interactive access to information even when people are offline. The industry-leading DecisionPoint mobile app allows business users to take multiple apps offline with a single click so they can answer critical questions wherever they are, whenever they need.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Connect to your SAP® BW environment and merge data from other sources
  • Create sophisticated information apps without coding
  • Deliver to mobile devices (and desktop browsers), empowering your business people wherever they are
  • Schedule refresh of your data to make sure people always see the most recent numbers
  • Ensure everyone sees the big picture so they can make the correct decisions for your business

The Takeaway

In just a few clicks, DecisionPoint allows you to connect directly to BW and create intuitive, information apps that answer the questions that matter to your business and that your workforce will love to use, on mobile or on the desktop.

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